Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

Automatic Recording (Shooting Mode)
If On (Auto and manual) is selected for Voice memo (
0 246), 
a voice memo will be added to the most recent photograph when 
shooting ends. Recording will end when the 
H button is pressed 
or after the specified recording time has ended.
Manual Recording (Shooting Mode)
If On (Auto and manual) or Manual only is 
selected for Voice memo (
0 246), a voice 
memo can be recorded for the most recent 
photograph by pressing and holding the 
button. A voice memo will be recorded while 
the button is held down (note that no voice 
memo will be recorded if the 
H button is not 
held down for at least one second).
Automatic Recording
Voice memos will not be recorded automatically if On is selected for the 
Image review option (
0 281) in the playback menu. A voice memo can 
however be added to the photograph displayed during image review 
even if Off is selected for Voice memo.
Slot 2
If two memory cards are inserted and Backup or RAW Slot 1 - JPEG Slot 2 
is selected for the Slot 2 option (
0 88) in the shooting menu, voice 
memos will be associated with the images recorded to the memory card 
in slot 1.
H button