Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

• DK-14 and DK-17A Antifog Finder Eyepieces: These viewfinder 
eyepieces prevent fogging in humid or cold conditions. 
The DK-17A is equipped with a safety lock.
• DR-5 and DR-4 Right-Angle Viewing Attachments: The DR-5 and 
DR-4 attach to the viewfinder eyepiece at a right angle, 
allowing the image in the viewfinder to be viewed from 
above when the camera is in the horizontal shooting 
position. The DR-5 can also magnify the view through the 
viewfinder by 2 × for greater precision when framing 
(note that the edges of the frame will not be visible when 
the view is magnified).
• Nikon filters can be divided into three types: screw-on, 
slip-in, and rear-interchange. Use Nikon filters; filters 
manufactured by other makers may interfere with 
autofocus or electronic range finding.
• The D3S can not be used with linear polarizing filters. Use 
the C-PL circular polarizing filter instead.
• Use NC filters to protect the lens.
• To prevent ghosting, use of a filter is not recommended 
when the subject is framed against a bright light, or when 
a bright light source is in the frame.
• Center-weighted metering is recommended with filters 
with exposure factors (filter factors) over 1× (Y44, Y48, 
Y52, O56, R60, X0, X1, C-PL, ND2S, ND4, ND4S, ND8, ND8S, 
ND400, A2, A12, B2, B8, B12). See the filter manual for 
Optional flash 
• Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, and SB-400 Speedlights
• Nikon Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200
 controlled remotely 
using the SB-900, SB-800 flash unit or SU-800 wireless 
Speedlight commander.
• Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800
See page 187 for more information. 
Water guards
• Water Guard WG-AS1: The optional WG-AS1 is a water guard 
that covers the base of SB-900 flash units mounted on the 
D3S, increasing the SB-900’s splash resistance by 
protecting the accessory shoe contacts from rain and