Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

Can not change print order
: Memory card is full: delete photos (
0 44, 240).
Can not select photo for printing
: Photo is in NEF (RAW) format. Create JPEG 
copy using NEF (RAW) processing (
0 353) or transfer to computer and 
print using ViewNX (supplied) or Capture NX 2 (available separately; 
0 375).
Can not print photos
: NEF (RAW) and TIFF photos can not be printed by direct 
USB connection. Use DPOF print service (TIFF images only), create JPEG 
copy using NEF (RAW) processing (
0 353), or transfer to computer and 
print using ViewNX (supplied) or Capture NX 2 (available separately; 
0 375).
Photo is not displayed on TV
: Choose correct video mode (
0 329).
Photo is not displayed on high-definition video device
: Confirm that HDMI cable 
(available separately) is connected (
0 271).
NEF (RAW) photos not displayed in Capture NX
: Update to Capture NX 2 (
0 375).
Image Dust Off option in Capture NX 2 does not have desired effect
: Image sensor 
cleaning changes the position of dust on the low-pass filter. Dust off 
reference data recorded before image sensor cleaning is performed can 
not be used with photographs taken after image sensor cleaning is 
performed. Dust off reference data recorded after image sensor cleaning is 
performed can not be used with photographs taken before image sensor 
cleaning is performed (
0 327).
Computer displays NEF (RAW) images differently from camera
: Third-party software 
does not display effects of Picture Controls, Active D-Lighting, or vignette 
control. Use ViewNX (supplied) or optional Nikon software such as 
Capture NX 2 (available separately).
Can not copy pictures to computer using Nikon Transfer
: Operating system is not 
supported (
0 254). Transfer pictures from the memory card using a card 
reader or card slot.
Date of recording is not correct
: Set camera clock (
0 34).
Menu item can not be selected
: Some options are not available at certain 
combinations of settings or when no memory card is inserted. Note that 
Battery info option is not available when camera is powered by an 
optional AC adapter (
0 333).