Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

Framing Photographs in the 
Press the 
a button to frame pictures in the monitor. The following 
options are available:
• Tripod (
h): Choose when the camera is mounted on a tripod 
0 55). You can zoom in on the image displayed in the monitor 
for precise focus, making this option suitable for static subjects. 
Contrast-detect autofocus can be used to compose photographs 
with the subject positioned anywhere in the frame.
• Hand-held (
g): Choose when taking hand-held shots of moving 
subjects, or when framing photographs at angles that make it 
difficult to use the viewfinder (
0 59). Camera focuses normally 
using phase-detection autofocus.
Phase-Detection Versus Contrast-Detect AF
The camera normally uses phase-detection autofocus, in which focus is 
adjusted based on data from a special focusing sensor. When Tripod is 
selected in live view, however, the camera uses contrast-detect 
autofocus, in which the camera analyses the data from the image sensor 
and adjusts focus to produce the greatest contrast. Contrast-detect 
autofocus takes longer than phase-detection autofocus.
You may notice flicker or banding in the monitor during live view or 
when shooting movies under certain types of lighting, such as 
fluorescent or mercury-vapor lamps. Flicker and banding can be 
reduced by choosing a Flicker reduction option that matches the 
frequency of the local AC power supply (
0 330).