Pentax Optio S5i User Manual (en)

ick Start
The shutter release button works in a two-step action as follows.
Press halfway
The focus and exposure are locked when the shutter release button is 
pressed lightly (halfway). The shutter speed and aperture settings only 
appear on the LCD monitor when the shutter release button is pressed 
halfway. The following information is indicated on the LCD monitor and 
by the focus status and flash status lamps when the shutter release 
button is pressed halfway.
1. Focus frame
The focus frame turns green if the subject is in focus. The frame does 
not appear if the subject is out of focus.
2. Status lamps
Pictures cannot be taken while the flash is charging.
Press down fully
Press the shutter release button all the way down (fully) to take a picture.
The Instant Review default setting is one second. During this time, you 
can delete the image by pressing the 
 button, selecting [Delete] when 
the [Delete] menu appears and pressing the OK button. (
You can also record a voice memo by pressing the OK button during 
Instant Review. (
 Using the Shutter Release Button
Focus status lamp (green)
Flash status lamp (red)
Subject is in focus
Flash is charged
Subject is out of focus
Flash is charging
 Instant Review
Setting the Instant Review Time 
[Poor focusing conditions]
The camera may not be able to focus under the following conditions. 
In this case, lock the focus on an object the same distance away as 
the subject (by pressing the shutter release button halfway), then aim 
the camera at your subject and press the shutter release button fully.
• Objects that lack contrast such as a blue sky or white wall
• Dark places or objects, or conditions that prevent light being reflected back
• Finely patterned object
• Fast moving objects
• When there is an object in the foreground and an object in the background 
in the same picture
• Strongly reflected light or strong backlighting (bright background)