Pentax Optio S5i User Manual (en)

• If the camera is subjected to rapid temperature changes, condensation 
may form on the inside and outside of the camera. 
Therefore put the camera in a bag or plastic bag, and take the camera out 
when the difference in temperature has subsided.
• Avoid contact with garbage, dirt, sand, dust, water, toxic gases, salt, etc. 
as this may cause damage to the camera. If rain or drops of water get onto 
the camera, please wipe dry.
• Refer to “Precautions when using an SD Memory Card” (p.21) regarding 
the SD Memory Card.
• Please do not press forcefully on the LCD monitor. This could cause 
breakage or malfunction.
• Be careful not to sit down with the camera in your back pocket as this may 
damage the exterior of the camera or the LCD monitor.
• When using a tripod with the camera, be careful not to overtighten 
the screw in the tripod socket on the camera.