Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Advanced (Recording pictures)
The flash setting is fixed to [Œ].
Available recording time is displayed when the [REMAINING DISP.] (P129) in the [CUSTOM 
MENU] menu is set to [REMAINING TIME].
Refer to P185 for information about the available recording time.
The available recording time displayed on the screen may not decrease regularly.
Depending on the type of the card, the card access indication may appear for a while after 
recording motion pictures. This is not a malfunction.
The operational sound of the zoom or button operation may be recorded when it is operated 
during the recording of a motion picture.
The screen may be blacked out momentarily, or the unit may record noise due to static 
electricity or electromagnetic waves etc. depending on the environment of the motion picture 
When operating the zoom in recording motion pictures, it may take time to come into focus.
If the Extended Optical Zoom was used before pressing the motion picture button, those 
settings will be cleared, so the focus range will change dramatically.
When the aspect ratio setting is different in still and motion pictures, the angle of view changes 
at the start of motion picture recording. When [
REC AREA] (P129) is set to [
], angle of 
view during motion picture recording is displayed.
] will operate as [AUTO] while recording a motion picture, and the maximum ISO sensitivity 
level becomes [ISO1600].
In recording motion pictures, [STABILIZER] is fixed to [MODE1].
In recording motion pictures, the following functions cannot be used.
] and [
] in [AF MODE]
Direction detection function
It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or AC adaptor when recording motion 
Set the focus mode dial to [AFS] or [AFC].
When recording motion pictures, the focus is continuously adjusted for both [AFS] and 
Start recording by pressing the motion 
picture button.
A  Elapsed recording time
B  Available recording time
Release the motion picture button right after you press 
it. Audio will not be recorded for few second after it 
starts recording if it is kept pressed.
The audio is also recorded simultaneously from the 
built-in microphone on this unit. (Motion pictures 
cannot be recorded without audio.)
The recording state indicator (red) 
C will flash while recording motion pictures.
Press the shutter button halfway when it is difficult to focus on the subject.
You can also set the focus manually by rotating the focus mode dial to [MF]. (P80)
Check the battery status and make sure the power is on when using the stereo 
microphone (DMW-MS1; optional) (P162).
Stop the recording by pressing the motion picture button again.
If the card becomes full in the middle of recording, the camera stops recording 
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