Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Advanced (Recording pictures)
When the setting is changed from [1/3 EV] to [1 EV], ISO sensitivity will be set to value closest 
to the value set during the [1/3 EV]. (Set value will not restore when the setting is changed back 
to [1/3 EV]. It will stay as the setting selected for [1 EV].)
For details on [REC] mode menu settings, refer to P30.
Audio can be recorded simultaneously with the image. You can record the conversation 
during the shooting or the situation as a memo.
Applicable modes:
If you press [MENU/SET] during audio recording, the audio recording is canceled.
Audio is recorded from the built-in microphone on the camera.
Audio recorded with this unit may not playback on other equipment.
The sound recording specifications on this model have been changed to improve audio 
quality. For this reason, some motion pictures recorded in [MOTION JPEG] and pictures 
with audio may not be played back with Panasonic digital cameras (LUMIX)
¢ Models launched before December 2008, and some models launched in 2009 (FS, LS 
[AUDIO REC.] cannot be set in the following cases.
When recording with Auto Bracket
During burst shooting
When recording with White Balance Bracket
When recording with Multi Film Bracket
When [QUALITY] is set to [
], [
] or [
Using the [MOTION PICTURE] Mode Menu
[METERING MODE], [I.EXPOSURE], and [DIGITAL ZOOM] are common to both the [REC] 
mode menu and [MOTION PICTURE] mode menu. Changing these settings in one of these 
menus is reflected in other menu.
For details, refer to the explanation for the corresponding setting in [REC] mode menu.
For details on [MOTION PICTURE] mode menu settings, refer to P30.
This sets up the data format of motion pictures.
Applicable modes:
Refer to P105 for details.
Audio will not be recorded.
[B] is displayed on the screen.
Audio will be recorded as soon as the image is recorded.
(It will stop in 5 seconds)
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