Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Even if the external flash is turned off, the camera may enter the external flash mode when the 
external flash is attached. When you are not using the external flash, detach it.
When attaching the external flash, the built-in flash cannot be activated.
Do not open the built-in flash when an external flash is attached.
The camera will become unstable when attaching the external flash, it is recommended to use 
a tripod when taking picture.
Turn off the camera when removing the external flash.
Detach the external flash when carrying the camera.
When attaching the external flash, do not hold only the external flash because it may detach 
from the camera.
If you use the external flash when the white balance is set to [
] finely adjust the white 
balance depending on the picture quality. (P85)
If you take pictures close to the subject in Wide, the vignetting effect may appear on the bottom 
of the recorded picture.
The external flash cannot be used while the stereo microphone (DMW-MS1; optional) is in use.
Read the operating instructions of the external flash for details.
Using the Protector/Filter (optional)
The MC protector (DMW-LMCH62; optional) is a transparent filter which affects neither the 
colors nor the amount of light, so it can always be used to protect the camera’s lens.
The ND filter (DMW-LND62; optional) reduces the amount of light to approximately 1/8th 
(equal to adjusting the aperture value 3 increments) without affecting the color balance.
PL filter (DMW-LPL62; optional) will suppress the reflected light from a metal or non 
spherical surfaces (flat non-metallic surfaces, water vapour or invisible particles in the air), 
making it possible to take a picture with enhanced contrast.
Attach the filter.
Do not attach multiple filters at the same time.
If the filter is tightened too much, you may not be able to remove it. Do not tighten it too much.
If the filter is dropped, it may be destroyed. Be careful not to drop it when attaching it to the 
Be careful not to get a fingerprint, dirt, etc., on the filter when it is attached, otherwise the focus 
may be adjusted to the lens, resulting in the subject being out of focus.
You can attach the lens cap or the lens hood when the filter is attached.
Refer to the instructions for each filter for details.
A MC protector
B ND filter
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