Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

∫ About dirt on the image sensor
This camera features an interchangeable lens system so dirt may get inside the camera 
body when changing lenses. Depending on the recording conditions, dirt on the image 
sensor may appear on the recorded picture.
Do not change lenses where there is a lot of dust, and always attach the body cap when a 
lens is not attached to the camera, so that dirt or dust does not get inside the camera body. 
Remove any dirt on the body cap before attaching it.
Removing dirt on the image sensor
The image sensor is very precise and delicate, so be sure to observe the following when 
you do have to clean it yourself.
Blow off the dust on the surface of the image sensor with a commercially available blower 
brush. Be careful not to blow too strongly.
Do not put the blower brush further inside than the lens mount.
Do not let the blower brush touch the image sensor as the image sensor may get scratched.
Do not use any objects except a blower brush to clean the image sensor.
If you cannot remove the dirt or dust with the blower, consult the dealer or your nearest Service 
As the eye cup cannot be removed, gently wipe it with a dry and soft cloth, and be careful not to 
remove it.
If you wipe the eye cup too hard and it is removed, consult the dealer or your nearest Service 
Do not press the LCD monitor with excessive force. Uneven colors may appear on the LCD 
monitor and it may malfunction.
If the camera is cold when you turn it on, the picture on the LCD monitor/Viewfinder will be 
slightly darker than usual at first. However, the picture will return to normal brightness when the 
internal temperature of the camera increases.
Dust reduction function
This unit has a dust reduction function that will blow off the debris and dust that have 
affixed to the front of the imaging device. This function will function automatically when 
the camera is turned on, but if you see dust, perform the [SENSOR CLEANING] 
(P130) in the [CUSTOM MENU] menu.
For care of the eye cup on the viewfinder
About the LCD monitor/Viewfinder
Extremely high precision technology is employed to produce the LCD monitor/
Viewfinder screen. However there may be some dark or bright spots (red, blue or 
green) on the screen. This is not a malfunction. The LCD monitor/Viewfinder screen 
has more than 99.99% effective pixels with a mere 0.01% of the pixels inactive or 
always lit. The spots will not be recorded on pictures on a card.  167 ページ  2009年4月14日 火曜日 午後2時45分