Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Do not leave the card where the temperature is high, where electromagnetic waves 
or static electricity are easily generated or exposed to direct sunlight. 
Do not bend or drop the card. 
The card may be damaged or the recorded content may be damaged or deleted.
Put the card in the card case or the storage bag after use and when storing or carrying the 
Do not allow dirt, dust or water to get into the terminals on the back of the card and do not touch 
the terminals with your fingers.
Notice for when transferring to another party, or disposing of the memory card
“Format” or “delete” using the camera or a PC will only modify the file management information, 
and it will not erase the data in the memory card completely.
It is recommended to physically destroy the memory card or use the commercially available 
computer data deletion software to completely erase the data in the memory card before 
transferring to another party or disposing.
Management of data in the memory card is the responsibility of the user.
If a name or birthday is set for [BABY1]/[BABY2]/Face Recognition function, this personal 
information is kept in the camera and included in the recorded image.
Information including personal information may be altered or vanish due to erroneous 
operation, effect of static electricity, accident, malfunction, repair, or other handlings.
Please note in advance that Panasonic is not liable in any way for any direct or indirect damage 
from the alteration or vanishing of information or personal information.
When requesting a repair, transferring to another party or disposing
Reset the settings to protect the personal information. (P36)
Remove the memory card from the camera when requesting a repair.
Settings may return to factory default when camera is repaired.
Please contact the dealer where you purchased the camera or your nearest Service Center if 
above operations are not possible due to malfunction.
When transferring to another party, or disposing of the memory card, please refer to 
Notice for when transferring to another party, or disposing of the memory card
Store the battery in a cool and dry place with a relatively stable temperature: [Recommended 
temperature: 15
oC to 25 oC (59 oF to 77 oF), Recommended humidity: 40% to 60%]
Always remove the battery and the card from the camera.
If the battery is left inserted in the camera, it will discharge even if the camera is turned off. If 
the battery continues to be left in the camera, it will discharge excessively and may become 
unusable even if charged.
When storing the battery for a long period of time, we recommend charging it once a year. 
Remove the battery from the camera and store it again after it has completely discharged.
We recommend storing the camera with a desiccant (silica gel) when you keep it in a closet or 
a cabinet.
Check all the parts before taking pictures when you have not used the camera for a long 
period of time.
About the personal information
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