Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Is the ISO sensitivity high or the shutter speed slow?
(ISO sensitivity is set to [AUTO] when the camera is shipped. Therefore, when taking pictures 
indoors etc. noise will appear.)
> Decrease the ISO sensitivity. (P86)
> Increase the setting for [NOISE RED.] in [FILM MODE] or lower the setting for each of the 
items other than [NOISE RED.]. (P88)
> Take pictures in bright places.
> Set the 
 to [ON].
If recording under fluorescent light, the brightness or the hue may change slightly when the 
shutter speed becomes fast. This occurs due to the characteristics of fluorescent light. It is not 
a malfunction.
This is characteristic of MOS sensors which serve as the camera’s pickup sensors. It appears 
when the subject has a bright part. Some unevenness may occur in the surrounding areas, but 
this is not a malfunction.
It is recorded in motion pictures but is not recorded on still pictures.
It is recommended that you take pictures while taking care not to expose the screen to sunlight 
or any other source of strong light.
It is recommended to use a card with SD Speed Class
 with “Class 6” or higher when recording 
motion pictures.
¢ SD speed class is the speed standard regarding continuous writing.
Depending on the type of the card, recording may stop in the middle.
> When you set the picture quality to [
], [
] or [
], we recommend using a 
high-speed card with “10MB/s” or greater displayed on the package.
> In the event that it stops even after using a “10MB/s” card or higher, the data writing speed 
has deteriorated so it is recommended to make a backup and then format (P38).
Are you in Exposure Compensation operation?
> Press the front dial to switch to Exposure Compensation operation. (P71)
Set the AF area to the distinctive color of the subject if there is a part that is different from the 
surrounding color. (P78)
The recorded picture looks rough. 
Noise appears on the picture.
The brightness or the hue of the recorded picture is different from the actual 
Reddish horizontal streaks appear on the LCD monitor during recording.
Motion picture recording stops in the middle.
You cannot compensate the exposure.
Subject cannot be locked.
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