Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Is the clock in the camera set properly? (P28)
Images edited on a PC or images recorded on other cameras might display a different date to 
the recorded date during the Calendar Playback.
Is it a picture that has been recorded with other equipment? In such cases, these pictures may 
be displayed with a deteriorated picture quality.
When the flash is set to red-eye reduction ([
], [
], [
]) and if you take a picture of 
subject with red color surrounded by a skin tone color, that red part may be corrected to black 
by the digital red-eye reduction function.
> It is recommended to take pictures with the [D.RED-EYE] set to [OFF]. (P120)
This unit automatically adjusts the aperture during motion picture recording. A clicking sound 
may occur at this time depending on the lens, and this sound may be recorded on the motion 
pictures. This is not a malfunction.
The operational sound of the zoom or button operation may be recorded when it is operated 
during the recording of a motion picture.
Is the camera connected to the TV correctly?
> Set the TV input to external input mode.
Output from the  [HDMI] socket is not possible when it is connected to the PC or the printer.
> Connect it only to the TV.
Depending on the TV model, the pictures may be extended horizontally or vertically or they 
may be displayed with their edges cut off.
Are you trying to play back the motion pictures by directly inserting the card in the card slot of 
the TV?
> Connect the camera to the TV with the AV cable (supplied), or with the HDMI mini cable 
(optional), and then play back the motion pictures on the camera. (P146, 147)
Images with different date as recorded date are played back in the Calendar 
White round spots like soap bubbles appear on the recorded picture.
If you take a picture with the flash in a dark place or indoors, white round 
spots may appear on the picture caused by the flash reflecting of particles of 
dust in the air. This is not a malfunction. 
A characteristic of this is that the number of round spots and their position 
differ in every picture.
[THUMBNAIL IS DISPLAYED] appears on the screen.
Red part of the recorded image has changed color to black.
A clicking sound is recorded in the motion pictures.
TV, PC and printer
The picture does not appear on the television.
The display areas on the TV screen and the camera’s LCD monitor are different.
The motion pictures cannot be played back on a TV.  178 ページ  2009年4月14日 火曜日 午後2時45分