Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Using the AC Adaptor
You can use the camera without worrying about battery discharge when it is connected to 
a PC or a printer if you use the DC cable to connect the camera to the battery charger/AC 
adaptor and connect the AC cable.
Check that the camera is turned off.
Close the flash.
Connect the AC cable.
Connect the DC cable 
Pull open the DC cable cover 
1 and then 
connect the DC cable to the camera body using 
the same steps as “Inserting/Removing the 
Battery” (P24). Pull the DC cable through the 
opening as shown in the illustration and then 
close the battery door.
Be careful not to catch the DC cable when 
closing the battery door.
You cannot charge the battery if you connect the 
DC cable.
Do not use any other AC cables except the supplied one.
Do not use any other DC cables except the supplied one. If you use other DC cables, it may 
cause a malfunction.
The camera becomes warm during use. This is not a malfunction.
Disconnect the charger/AC adaptor and DC cable when the camera is not in use.
It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or AC adaptor when recording motion 
If while recording motion pictures using the AC adaptor the power supply is cut off due to a 
power cut or if the AC adaptor is disconnected etc., the motion picture being recorded will not 
be recorded.
The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is 
always “live” as long as the AC adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet.  25 ページ  2009年4月14日 火曜日 午後2時45分