Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Press the shutter button halfway or turn the camera off and on to cancel [POWER SAVE].
[POWER SAVE] is set to [5MIN.] in the Intelligent Auto Mode.
[POWER SAVE] is fixed to [2MIN.] when [AUTO LCD OFF] is set to [15SEC.] or [30SEC.].
Press any button to turn on the LCD monitor again.
It is recommended to use this mode with [LVF/LCD AUTO] (P126) in the [CUSTOM MENU] 
menu is set to [OFF].
[ECONOMY] does not work in the following cases.
When using the AC adaptor
When connecting to a PC or a printer
When recording or playing back motion pictures
During a slide show
If [REVIEW] is set to [HOLD], the playback screen display can be switched (P57) during Auto 
Review when taking pictures with the drive mode lever set to [
] (P51) or [
] (P76).
When [HOLD] has been selected, the zoom time cannot be set.
The Auto Review function is activated regardless of its setting when using Burst Mode (P72) or 
Auto Bracket (P74) and when recording still pictures with audio (P124). (Will not enlarge/hold) 
Also, you cannot set the Auto Review function.
If [HIGHLIGHT] (P34) is set to [ON], white saturated areas appear blinking in black and white 
when the Auto Review function is activated.
[AUTO REVIEW] does not work when recording motion pictures.
If there are any white saturated areas, we 
recommend compensating the exposure towards 
negative (P71) referring to the histogram (P64) and 
then taking the picture again. It may result in a better 
quality picture.
There may be white saturated areas if the distance 
between the camera and the subject is too close 
when taking pictures with the flash. 
If [HIGHLIGHT] is set to [ON] in this case, the area directly illuminated by the photo flash will 
become white saturated and appear blinking in black and white.
The LCD/EVF will display overexposed portions of the image as white blinking areas. These 
only exist on the camera’s display, not on the actual photo.
This does not work while in Multi Playback (P57), Calendar Playback (P58), or Playback Zoom  
Set the length of time that the picture is displayed after taking it.
The pictures are displayed until shutter button is pressed 
The picture enlarged 4
k is displayed.
When the Auto Review function is activated or when playing back, 
white saturated areas appear blinking in black and white.
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