Panasonic DMC-GH1 User Manual (ja)

Advanced (Recording pictures)
∫ Manual Exposure Assistance
The manual exposure assistance is an approximation. We recommend checking the pictures 
on the playback screen.
∫ About [B] (Bulb)
If you set the shutter speed to [B], the shutter stays open while the shutter button is 
pressed fully (up to about 4 minutes).
The shutter closes if you release the shutter button.
Use this when you want to keep the shutter open for a long time to take pictures of 
fireworks, a night scene etc.
If you set the shutter speed to [B], [B] is displayed on the screen. 
When you take pictures with the shutter speed set to [B], use a sufficiently charged battery. 
We recommend using a tripod or the remote shutter (DMW-RSL1; optional) when you take 
pictures with the shutter speed set to [B]. Refer to P161 for information about the remote 
When you take pictures with the shutter speed set to [B], noise may become visible. To avoid 
picture noise, we recommend setting [LONG SHTR NR] in the [REC] mode menu to [ON] 
before taking pictures. (P123)
The manual exposure assistance does not appear.
It will be a normal motion picture recording when recording a motion picture. Use the 
Creative Motion Picture Mode when you would like to record by setting the aperture or 
shutter speed. (P108)
It is possible to change the switching method of aperture and shutter speed settings with the 
[EXPO. SETTINGS] (P129) in the [CUSTOM MENU] menu.
The brightness of the LCD monitor/Viewfinder may differ from the brightness of the actual 
pictures. Check the pictures using the playback screen.
If the exposure is not adequate, the aperture value and the shutter speed turn red and blink 
when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
[‡], [
], [
] and [
] for flash cannot be set.
The [SENSITIVITY] is automatically set to [ISO100] when you switch the recording mode to 
Manual exposure while the [SENSITIVITY] is set to [AUTO] or [
] (Intelligent).
If you press the shutter button fully when the shutter speed is slow, the shutter speed on the 
screen counts down.
When you use a lens with an aperture ring, the aperture ring setting takes priority.
The exposure is adequate.
Set to faster shutter speed or larger aperture value.
Set to slower shutter speed or smaller aperture value.  92 ページ  2009年4月14日 火曜日 午後2時45分