Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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Before Use
This touch screen is a type that detects pressure.
If you use a commercially available liquid crystal protection 
sheet, please follow the instructions that accompany the sheet. 
(Some liquid crystal protection sheets may impair visibility or 
If a commercially available LCD protection sheet is used, a little 
extra pressure
 may be required if you notice that the touch 
screen is not responsive.
Avoid having the hand holding the camera accidently apply 
pressure to the touch screen. Doing so may affect the touch 
screen operation.
Do not press on the LCD monitor with hard pointed tips, such as 
ball point pens.
Do not operate with your fingernails.
Wipe the LCD monitor with dry soft cloth when it gets dirty with finger prints and others.
Do not scratch or press the LCD monitor too hard.
For information about the icons displayed on the touch screen, refer to 
Touch Screen
Touch the screen
To touch and release the touch screen.
A movement without releasing the touch 
Use this to perform tasks such as selecting 
icons or images displayed on the touch 
When selecting features using the touch 
screen, be sure to touch the center of the 
desired icon.
This is used to move the AF area, operate 
the slide bar, etc.
This can also be used to move to the next 
image during playback, etc.