Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 114 -
Taking Pictures by Specifying the Aperture/
Shutter Speed
Set the aperture value to a higher number when you want a sharp focus background. Set 
the aperture value to a lower number when you want a soft focus background.
Set the mode dial to [
Rotate the rear dial to set the aperture value.
It will switch between aperture setting operation and Exposure 
Compensation operation every time the rear dial is pressed.
When you want to take a sharp picture of a fast moving subject, set with a faster shutter 
speed. When you want to create a trail effect, set to a slower shutter speed.
Set the mode dial to [
Rotate the rear dial to set the shutter speed.
It will switch between shutter speed setting operation and 
Exposure Compensation operation every time the rear dial is 
Aperture-priority AE
Shutter-priority AE