Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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Perform these settings if you need to.
Using the [CUSTOM] Menu
For details on how to select the [CUSTOM] menu settings, refer to 
Refer to 
 for details.
Refer to 
 for details.
Refer to 
 for details.
When the recorded picture and the histogram do not match each other under the 
following conditions, the histogram is displayed in orange.
When the Manual Exposure Assistance is other than [
n0] during Exposure Compensation or 
in the Manual Exposure Mode
When the flash is activated
When the flash is closed
When the brightness of the screen is not correctly displayed in dark places
When the exposure is not adequately adjusted
The histogram is an approximation in the Recording Mode.
The histogram displayed in this camera does not match histograms displayed by picture editing 
software used in PCs etc.
This allows you to set either to display or not display the 
Position can be set by dragging the 
Direct touch operation is also possible 
from the recording screen.
A histogram is a graph that displays brightness 
along the horizontal axis (black to white) and the 
number of pixels at each brightness level on the 
vertical axis.
It allows you to easily check a picture’s exposure.
A dark
B optimal
C bright