Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 151 -
When you align the subject on the horizontal and vertical guidelines or the cross point of these 
lines, you can take pictures with well-designed composition by viewing the size, the slope and 
the balance of the subject.
If there are any white saturated areas, we 
recommend compensating the exposure towards 
 referring to the histogram 
then taking the picture again. It may result in a better 
quality picture.
This does not work while in Multi Playback, Calendar 
Playback, or Playback Zoom.
Set to [ON] to display the [EXPO.METER] when correcting 
exposure, performing Program Shift, setting aperture, and setting 
shutter speed.
Unsuitable areas of the range are displayed in red.
When [EXPO.METER] is not displayed, switch the display 
information for LCD monitor by pressing [DISP.]. 
The [EXPO.METER] disappears after approximately 4 seconds if no operation is performed.
This will set the pattern of guide lines displayed when taking a picture.
Position can be set by dragging the 
] on the guide line.
When it is difficult to move the guide line on 
the screen edge by touch operation, use the 
cursor button to set the position.
Direct touch operation is also possible from 
the recording screen.
When the Auto Review function is activated or when playing back, 
white saturated areas appear blinking in black and white.
This does not affect the recorded image.
Set whether or not to display the exposure meter.