Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 153 -
The effective range of the AF Assist Lamp is different depending on used lens.
When the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042, H-FS014042) is attached and at Wide: Approx. 
1.0 m  (3.29 feet)  to  3.0 m  (9.85 feet)
When the interchangeable lens (
) is attached: Approx. 1.0 m (3.29 feet) to 3.5 m 
(11.5 feet)
The AF Assist Lamp is valid only for the subject in the center of the screen. Use it by 
positioning the subject in the center of the screen.
Remove the lens hood.
When you do not want to use the AF Assist Lamp (e.g. when taking pictures of animals in dark 
places), set the [AF ASSIST LAMP] to [OFF]. In this case, it will become more difficult to focus 
on the subject.
The AF Assist Lamp gets slightly blocked when the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042, 
H-FS014042) is used, but it does not affect the performance.
The AF Assist Lamp may be greatly blocked, and it may become harder to focus when a lens 
with large diameter is used.
The setting for the [AF ASSIST LAMP] is fixed to [OFF] in [SCENERY], [ARCHITECTURE], 
[NIGHT SCENERY] and [SUNSET] in Scene Mode.
Refer to 
 for details.
Refer to 
 for details.
AF assist lamp will illuminate the subject when the shutter button 
is pressed half-way making it easier for the camera to focus when 
recording in low light conditions. (Larger AF area is displayed 
depending on the recording conditions.)
It is possible to adjust focus manually after it was adjusted 
When AF lock is ON (press the shutter button halfway 
with the Focus Mode set to [AFS] or set AF lock using 
[AF/AE LOCK]), you can make fine adjustments to the 
focus manually.