Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 154 -
This may only be selected when using a lens that is compatible 
with power zoom (electrically operated zoom). 
The interchangeable lens (H-PS14042) is compatible with power 
The interchangeable lenses (H-FS014042, H-H014) are not 
compatible with power zoom.
(For compatible lenses, please refer to our website)
When you zoom, the focal distance is 
displayed and you can confirm the 
zoom position.
A Current focal distance
[e.g.: When the 
interchangeable lens 
(H-PS14042) is used]
When you operate the zoom with this 
setting [ON], the zoom will stop at 
positions corresponding to 
predetermined distances.
[STEP ZOOM] is disabled during motion 
picture recording.
[e.g.: When the 
interchangeable lens 
(H-PS14042) is used]
When you switch the power switch [ON], the zoom positions when 
you last switched [OFF] are automatically restored.
You can set the zoom speed for zoom lever operations.
If you set 
 to [ON], the zoom speed will not change.
 (High speed), [M] (Middle speed), [L] (Low speed)
 (High speed), [M] (Middle speed), [L] (Low speed)
This may only be selected when a power zoom-compatible lens 
with a zoom lever and zoom ring is attached. When set to [OFF], 
the operations controlled by the zoom ring are disabled to prevent 
accidental operation.