Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 157 -
When it is set to [ON], pressing the rear dial displays a dial operation guide on 
a screen that allows changes to operations.
Imaging device and image processing is optimized when the camera is purchased. Use this 
function when bright spots that do not exist in the subject get recorded.
Turn the camera off and on after the pixels are corrected.
Dust Reduction Function will operate automatically when the camera is turned on, but you can 
use this function when you see dust
When using a Leica lens mount adaptor (DMW-MA2M, DMW-MA3R; optional), set it to [ON].
Set whether or not to display the dial operation guide.
The last operated menu position is saved even if the camera is 
turned off.
It will perform optimization of imaging device and image 
Dust reduction to blow off the debris and dust that have affixed to 
the front of the imaging device is performed.
It is possible to setup so the shutter will not operate when there is 
no lens on the unit.
You cannot press the shutter button when a lens is not 
attached to the camera body or is not attached 
Shutter will operate regardless of the lens on the unit.