Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

Connecting to other equipment
- 186 -
Saving the Recorded Still Pictures and Motion 
Methods to export still pictures and motion pictures to other devices will vary depending on 
the file format. (JPEG, RAW, MPO, AVCHD, or MP4). Here are a few suggestions.
File formats that can be used: [JPEG], [AVCHD]
See the instruction manual for the recorder about the details of 
copying and playing back.
Note that the equipment described may not be available in 
certain countries and regions.
Copy by inserting the SD card into the recorder
It is possible to copy onto Blu-ray disc, DVD disc, or hard disk by inserting an SD 
card with still pictures and motion pictures recorded by this unit into a Panasonic 
Blu-ray Disc Recorder or DVD Recorder.
Check the latest information about the equipment that can copy directly by inserting the 
SD card recorded by this unit, and equipment that is compatible with high definition on 
the following website. (This Site is English only.)