Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

Connecting to other equipment
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Select and set the items both on the screen in step 
picture and printing it” and in step 
them” procedures.
When you want to print pictures on a paper size or a layout which is not supported by the 
camera, set [PAPER SIZE] or [PAGE LAYOUT] to [{] and then set the paper size or the layout 
on the printer. (For details, refer to the operating instructions of the printer.)
When [PRINT SET (DPOF)] has been selected, the [PRINT WITH DATE] and 
[NUM. OF PRINTS] items are not displayed.
If the printer does not support date printing, the date cannot be printed on the picture.
Depending on the printer, the date print settings of the printer may take precedence so check if 
this is the case.
When printing images with a text stamp, please remember to set print with date to [OFF] or the 
date will print on top.
In some printers, the picture date for pictures taken with the aspect ratio set to [
] will be 
printed vertically.
When asking the photo shop to print the pictures
By stamping the date using [TEXT STAMP] 
 or setting date printing at the time of the 
 setting before going to a photo shop, the dates can be printed on the 
pictures at the photo shop.
You can set the number of prints up to 999.
You can also use the rear dial to set.
Print Settings
Description of settings
Date is not printed.
Date is printed.