Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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∫ Battery indication
The battery indication is displayed on the screen.
The indication turns red and blinks if the remaining battery power is exhausted. (The status 
indicator also blinks) Recharge the battery or replace it with a fully charged battery.
∫ Recording still pictures (when using the LCD monitor/Optional Live Viewfinder 
) (By CIPA standard in Program AE Mode)
Recording conditions by CIPA standard
CIPA is an abbreviation of [Camera & Imaging Products Association].
Temperature: 23
oC (73.4 oF)/Humidity: 50%RH when LCD monitor is on.
Using a Panasonic SD Memory Card (2 GB).
Using the supplied battery.
Starting recording 30 seconds after the camera is turned on.
(When attaching an interchangeable lens compatible with the optical image stabilizer function, 
set the optical image stabilizer to [
Recording once every 30 seconds with full flash every second recording.
When an interchangeable lens compatible with power zoom (electrically operated zoom) is 
attached, the zoom moves from Tele to Wide or from Wide to Tele on each recording.
Turning the camera off every 10 recordings and leaving it until the temperature of the battery 
The number of recordable pictures varies depending on the recording interval time. 
If the recording interval time becomes longer, the number of recordable pictures 
decreases. [For example, if you were to take one picture every two minutes, then the 
number of pictures would be reduced to approximately one-quarter of the number 
of pictures given above (based upon one picture taken every 30 seconds).]
Approximate operating time and number of recordable pictures
When the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042) is used
Number of recordable pictures
Approx. 310 pictures
Recording time
Approx. 155 min
When the interchangeable lens (H-FS014042) is used
Number of recordable pictures
Approx. 300 pictures
Recording time
Approx. 150 min
When the interchangeable lens (H-H014) is used
Number of recordable pictures
Approx. 340 pictures
Recording time
Approx. 170 min