Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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If you use the remote shutter (DMW-RSL1; optional), you can avoid jitter (camera shake) 
when using a tripod and you can keep the shutter pressed fully when taking pictures with 
[B] (Bulb) or Burst Mode. The remote shutter works similar to the shutter button on the 
Always use a genuine Panasonic remote shutter (DMW-RSL1; optional).
You cannot operate the camera with the remote shutter in the following cases.
When the Sleep Mode is canceled
When starting/ending the recording of motion pictures
Read the operating instructions of the remote shutter for details.
By connecting the AC adaptor (optional), and then plugging them into an electrical socket, 
you can connect this unit to a PC or printer and use without worrying about the capacity of 
the battery. To use the AC adaptor, a DC coupler (optional) is required.
Always use a genuine Panasonic AC adaptor (optional).
When using an AC adaptor, use the AC cable supplied with the AC adaptor.
Also read the operating instructions for the AC adaptor and DC coupler.
Remote Shutter (optional)
 AC adaptor (optional)/DC coupler (optional)