Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 208 -
∫ About 3D recording
With the 3D interchangeable lens attached, do not record a subject at less than the 
minimum focus distance.
The 3D effects may be more pronounced, and therefore cause tiredness or discomfort.
When the 3D interchangeable lens (H-FT012; optional) is used, the minimum
focus distance is 
0.6 m  (1.97 feet).
When recording with the 3D interchangeable lens attached, be careful not to shake 
the unit.
Tiredness or discomfort may result if the shake is pronounced, due to riding in a vehicle or 
walking etc.
We recommend using a tripod.
∫ About 3D viewing
Anyone who is hyper sensitive to light, suffers from heart disease or is otherwise 
unwell should avoid viewing 3D contents.
Viewing 3D contents may have an adverse effect to the individual.
If you feel tired, uncomfortable or otherwise strange when viewing 3D pictures, stop 
viewing at once.
Continuing to view may cause illness.
Please rest appropriately after stopping the viewing.
When viewing 3D contents, we recommend taking a break every 30 to 60 minutes.
Viewing for extra periods may cause eye-fatigue.
Short-sighted or long-sighted persons, those with differences in the sight of their 
right and left eyes, and those with astigmatism are advised to correct their vision by 
wearing glasses etc.
Stop viewing if you can clearly see a double image while viewing 3D contents.
There are differences in the way that different people experience 3D contents. Please correct 
your sight appropriately before viewing 3D contents.
You can change the 3D setting of your television or 3D output setting of the unit to 2D.
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