Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 216 -
When recording under fluorescent or LED lighting fixture etc., increasing the shutter speed may 
introduce slight changes to brightness and color. These are a result of the characteristics of the 
light source and do not indicate a malfunction.
When recording subjects in extremely bright locations or recording under fluorescent lighting, 
LED lighting fixture, mercury lamp, sodium lighting etc., the colors and screen brightness may 
change or horizontal striping may appear on the screen.
This could be an inactive pixel. Perform [PIXEL REFRESH] 
 in the [CUSTOM] menu.
Are you in Exposure Compensation operation?
> Press the rear dial to switch to Exposure Compensation operation. 
Set the AF area to the distinctive color of the subject if there is a part that is different from the 
surrounding color
Striping or flicker may appear under lighting such as fluorescent lighting and 
LED lighting fixture.
This is characteristic of MOS sensors which serve as the camera’s pickup 
This is not a malfunction.
When you see noticeable flicker or striping while recording a motion picture, 
you can reduce the flicker or striping by setting up [FLICKER RED.
and fixing the shutter speed. It is possible to select a shutter speed from 
[1/50], [1/60], [1/100], or [1/120].
The brightness or the hue of the recorded picture is different from the actual 
Bright spot not in subject is recorded.
You cannot compensate the exposure.
Subject cannot be locked.
(AF tracking not possible)