Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 217 -
You may not be able to record for a short while after turning the power [ON] when using a large 
capacity card.
Use a card with SD Speed Class with “Class 4” or higher when recording motion pictures.
Depending on the type of the card, recording may stop in the middle.
> If motion picture recording stops during use of a card of at least “Class 4” or if you use a 
card on which recording and deleting have been repeated many times, or a card that has 
been formatted on a PC or other equipment, the data-writing speed is lower. In such cases, 
we recommend that you make a backup of the data and then forma
 the card in this 
When recording a motion picture, the screen may go dark after a certain period to reduce 
battery consumption, but this will not affect the recorded motion picture.
The screen may be blacked out momentarily, or the unit may record noise due to static 
electricity or electromagnetic waves etc. depending on the environment of the motion picture 
Object seems to be warped slightly when the object moves across the image very fast, but this 
is because the unit is using MOS for the image sensor. This is not a malfunction.
With recording in a quiet environment, depending on the lenses used, the sound of aperture 
and focus actions may be recorded in motion pictures. This is not a malfunction. Focus 
operation while recording motion pictures can be set to [OFF] with [CONTINUOUS AF
Be careful while recording motion pictures because the sounds of the zoom operations, buttons 
and dial operation etc. may be recorded.
Motion pictures
Recording motion pictures is not possible.
Motion picture recording stops in the middle.
When recording a motion picture, the screen may go dark.
The screen may be blacked out momentarily, or the unit may record noise.
Object seems to be warped.
In motion pictures, abnormal clicking and buzzing sounds are recorded.