Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 23 -
Inserting and Removing the Card (optional)/
the Battery
Check that this unit is turned off.
We recommend using a Panasonic card.
Slide the release lever in the direction 
of the arrow and open the card/
battery door.
Always use genuine Panasonic batteries.
If you use other batteries, we cannot 
guarantee the quality of this product.
Battery: Being careful about the 
battery orientation, insert all the way 
until you hear a locking sound and 
then check that it is locked by lever 
Pull the lever 
A in the direction of the 
arrow to remove the battery.
Card: Push it securely all the way 
until you hear a “click” while being 
careful about the direction in which 
you insert it. 
To remove the card, push the card 
until it clicks, then pull the card out upright.
B: Do not touch the connection terminals of the card.
1:Close the card/battery door.
2:Slide the release lever in the 
direction of the arrow.
Remove the battery after use. (The battery will be exhausted if left for a long period of time after 
being charged.)
The battery becomes warm after using it and during and after charging. The camera also 
becomes warm during use. This is not a malfunction.
Before removing the card or battery, turn the camera off, and wait until the status indicator has 
gone off completely. (Otherwise, this unit may no longer operate normally and the card itself 
may be damaged or the recorded pictures may be lost.)