Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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Tips for taking good pictures
Hold the camera gently with both hands, keep 
your arms still at your side and stand with your 
feet slightly apart.
Do not cover the flash or the AF assist lamp 
A with your 
fingers or other objects.
Be careful not to move the camera when you press the shutter 
When taking pictures, make sure your footing is stable and 
there is no danger of colliding with another person, an object 
Using the Optional Live Viewfinder, you can adjust the viewfinder angle when recording with a 
low camera angle. This feature is convenient for recording low-lying subjects such as flowers, 
This function detects the vertical orientation when you record with the camera vertically 
orientated. When you play back the recording, the recording is automatically displayed in 
vertical orientation. (Only available when [ROTATE DISP.]
 is set to [ON].)
When recording with this unit, Direction Detection can be performed even if you are using a 
lens that is not compatible with the Direction Detection Function.
When the camera is held vertically and tilted significantly up or down to record, the Direction 
Detection Function may not work correctly.
Motion pictures taken with the camera held vertically are not displayed vertically.
You cannot record 3D pictures in vertical orientation.
Detects orientation of camera (Direction Detection Function)
When taking pictures
When playing back pictures