Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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Applicable modes: 
Taking Pictures with Defocus Control Function
You can easily set the blurriness of the background while checking the screen.
Touch [
Touch [
] to display the setting screen.
When using the Optional Live Viewfinder, press the rear 
dial several times to display the Defocus Control setting 
Touch the slide bar to set.
Setting can also be performed by rotating the rear dial.
Recording of pictures or motion pictures.
It is also possible to record a picture by touching [
Defocus Control operation can be ended by touching [
When using the Optional Live Viewfinder, pressing the rear dial will end the Defocus 
Control operation.
On the Defocus Control setting screen of Intelligent Auto Mode, the AF Mode is [Ø]. Pressing 
2 of the cursor button will display the AF area setting screen. (Size cannot be changed.)
Blurriness may change during motion picture recording depending on the recording conditions.
Aperture is controlled within the range of appropriate exposure during the recording of a motion 
picture, so the aperture may not actually change even when the slide bar is moved depending 
on the brightness of the subject, and the blurriness may not change. (For example, blurriness 
may not change for dark scenes, such as indoors, since the aperture is fixed to fully open.)
Depending on the lens used, you may hear a sound from the lens when the Defocus Control is 
used, but this is due to operation of the aperture of the lens and it is not a malfunction.
Depending on the lens used, operational sound of the Defocus Control may be recorded during 
the recording of a motion picture when the function is used.
Depending on the lens used, Defocus Control function may not operate.
Refer to the website for compatible lenses.
In [MINIATURE EFFECT] of Creative Control Mode, Defocus Control cannot be used.