Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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The operational sound of the zoom or button operation may be recorded when it is operated 
during the recording of a motion picture.
When using the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042), if you take your finger off the zoom lever or 
focus lever during recording of a motion picture, the sound of the lever returning may be 
recorded. When returning the lever to its starting position, do so quietly.
When using the interchangeable lens (H-PS14042), zoom speed may be slower than normal in 
recording motion pictures.
The available recording time will be accurately updated at the end of each recording.
Depending on the type of the card, the card access indication may appear for a while after 
recording motion pictures. This is not a malfunction.
When the aspect ratio setting is different in still and motion pictures, the angle of view changes 
at the start of motion picture recording. When [
 is set to [
], angle of 
view during motion picture recording is displayed.
When the [EX. TELE CONV.] is set to [ON], the angle of view will change when the screen is 
switched between the still picture screen and motion picture screen, because the zoom factor is 
different between still pictures and motion pictures
If you end motion picture recording after a short time when using [MINIATURE EFFECT] of the 
Creative Control Mode, the camera may go on recording for a certain period. Please continue 
to hold the camera until the recording finishes.
The ISO sensitivity will be set to [AUTO] (for motion pictures) when recording motion pictures. 
Also, the [ISO LIMIT SET] will not operate.
When recording a motion picture, [STABILIZER] will be fixed to [
] even if it is set to [
It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or AC adaptor (optional) when recording 
motion pictures
If while recording motion pictures using the AC adaptor (optional) the power supply is cut off 
due to a power cut or if the AC adaptor (optional) is disconnected etc., the motion picture being 
recorded will not be recorded.
It will be recorded in following categories for certain Recording Modes. A motion picture 
recording matching each Recording Mode will be performed for the ones not listed below.
¢ Still pictures recorded during motion picture recording ([
] (motion picture priorities)) 
 will not record age or name.
Selected Recording Mode
Recording Mode while recording motion picture
Program AE Mode
Aperture-Priority AE Mode
Shutter-Priority AE Mode
Manual Exposure Mode
[PET] in Scene Mode
Normal motion picture
in Scene 
Portrait Mode
Low Light Mode