Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 68 -
The number of days that have passed since the departure date can be printed out using the 
“PHOTOfunSTUDIO” bundled software on the CD-ROM (supplied).
The travel date is calculated using the date in the clock setting and the departure date you set. 
If you set [WORLD TIME] to the travel destination, the travel date is calculated using the date in 
the clock setting and the travel destination setting.
The travel date setting is memorized even if the camera is turned off.
On pictures taken before the departure date, [-] (minus) is displayed in orange and the number 
of days that have passed is not recorded.
If the travel date is displayed as [-] (minus) in white, there is a time difference that involves date 
change between the [HOME] and [DESTINATION]. (It will be recorded)
The [TRAVEL DATE] feature is disabled when recording [AVCHD] motion pictures.
While recording motion pictures, the [LOCATION] feature is disabled.
The [E-SHUTTER VOL] only works when set to [SH] for Burst Mode.
Departure date and return date of the travel as well as the name 
of the travel destination can be set.
You can display the number of days that have passed when 
playing back the pictures and stamp it on the recorded pictures 
with [TEXT STAMP] 
Elapsed days are not recorded.
Departure date and return date are set. Elapsed days 
(how many days after) of the travel are recorded.
The travel date is automatically canceled if the current date is after 
the return date.If the [TRAVEL SETUP] is set to [OFF], [LOCATION] 
will be also set to [OFF].
Travel destination is recorded at the time of recording.
For details on how to enter characters, refer to 
Set the volume for electronic noises and the electronic shutter 
[s] (Muted)
[t] (Low)
u] (High)
] (Muted)
]  (Low)
] (High)