Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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Press the shutter button halfway or turn the camera off and on to cancel [SLEEP MODE].
[SLEEP MODE] is fixed to [2MIN.] when [AUTO LCD OFF] is set to [15SEC.] or [30SEC.].
Press any button to turn on the LCD monitor again.
[SLEEP MODE] does not work in the following cases.
When using the AC adaptor
When connecting to a PC or a printer
When recording or playing back motion pictures
During a slide show
If it is set to [HOLD] when the camera is set to [
] or [
], switching of the playback screen 
display or enlargement by rotating the rear dial is possible during Auto Review.
Regardless of the Auto Review setting, pictures will automatically be reviewed when taking 
burst pictures with [SH] or [H] set, and recording with Auto Bracket. (Will not hold)
[AUTO REVIEW] is disabled when Burst Mode is set to [M] or [L].
When [AUTO REGISTRATION] in [FACE RECOG.] is set to [ON], [AUTO REVIEW] can only be 
set to [3SEC.] or [5SEC.].
You can conserve the battery life by setting these menus.
Also, it will turn off the LCD monitor automatically when not in use 
to prevent discharge of the battery.
The camera is automatically turned off if the camera has not been 
used for the time selected on the setting.
The LCD monitor is automatically turned off if the camera has not 
been used for the time selected on the setting.
Set the length of time that the picture is displayed after taking the 
still picture.
The pictures are displayed until shutter button is pressed halfway.