Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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∫ Shutter speed for each flash setting
¢1 This becomes 60 seconds in Shutter-Priority AE Mode and B (Bulb) in the Manual Exposure Mode.
¢2 This becomes B (Bulb) in the Manual Exposure Mode.
When the flash is activated the fastest shutter speed that can be selected is 1/160 of a second.
In Intelligent Auto Mode, shutter speed changes depending on the identified scene.
When recording with the flash, white saturation can occur if the subject is too close. If 
[HIGHLIGHT] of the [CUSTOM] menu is set to [ON], regions of white saturation will blink black 
and white when you play back or use Auto Review. In this case, we recommend that you adjust 
 in the minus direction and record the pictures again.
Do not bring the flash too close to objects or close the flash while it is activated. The objects 
may be discolored by its heat or lighting.
Do not close the flash soon after the flash is activated prior to taking pictures due to Forced ON/
Red-Eye Reduction etc. It causes a malfunction.
Flash pictures taken closer or beyond the flash’s rated distance may appear too bright or too 
You must wait a moment to take the next picture while the flash icon is blinking RED indicating 
the flash is charging.
When you take a picture beyond the available flash range,
white balance may be set 
When you use certain lenses, light from the flash may be blocked or fail to cover the lens 
field of view, causing dark areas to appear in the resulting pictures.
When taking pictures with flash with the lens hood attached, the lower portion of the photo may 
turn dark and the control of the flash may be disabled because the photo flash may be 
obscured by the lens hood. We recommend detaching the lens hood.
It may take time to charge the flash if you repeat taking a picture. Take a picture after the 
access indication disappears.
The Red-Eye Reduction effect differs between people. Also, if the subject was far away from 
the camera or was not looking at the first flash, the effect may not be evident.
When you attach an external flash, it takes priority over the built-in flash. Refer t
 for the 
external flash.
Flash setting
Shutter speed (Sec.)
Flash setting
Shutter speed (Sec.)
 to 1/160th
1 to 1/4000th
 to 1/4000th