Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 90 -
Press the shutter button halfway to focus and 
then press it fully to take the picture.
A When self-timer is set to [
A picture is not taken until the subject is brought into focus. 
Focus and exposure will be set when the shutter button is 
pressed halfway.
If you want to press the shutter button fully to take a picture 
even when the subject is not focused, set 
[FOCUS PRIORITY] in the [CUSTOM] menu to [OFF]. 
The self-timer indicator 
B blinks and the shutter is activated 
after 10 seconds (or 2 seconds).
When [
] is selected, the self-timer indicator blinks again 
after the first and the second pictures are taken and the 
shutter is activated 2 seconds after it blinks.
Time setting for the self timer can also be set by [SELF-TIMER] in the [REC] Mode menu.
We recommend using a tripod when recording with the self-timer.
Depending on the recording conditions, the recording interval may become more than 
2 seconds when [
] is selected.
The flash output may vary slightly when the [
] is selected.
] is disabled when White Balance Bracket is set.
The self-timer will be disabled during recording of the motion pictures.