Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 94 -
Up to 23 points for each AF area can be focused. This is effective when the subject is not 
in the center of the screen.
(AF area frame will be same as image aspect ratio setting)
The 23 AF areas can be divided into 9 areas and the area to be focused can be set. 
The camera focuses on the subject in the AF area on the center of the screen.
Position and size of the AF area can be changed.
When the subject is not in the center of the composition in [Ø], you can bring the subject into 
the AF area, fix the focus and exposure by pressing the shutter button halfway, move the 
camera to the composition you want with the shutter button pressed halfway, and then take the 
picture. (Only when the Focus Mode is set to [AFS].)
You can achieve a more precise focus on a point that is smaller than [Ø].
The focus position can be set on an enlarged screen. 
Pressing the shutter button halfway displays the screen for checking the focus position 
enlarged to approximately 5 times original size.
The time for which the display is enlarged can be set using [PINPOINT AF TIME] 
 in the 
[CUSTOM] menu.
The size of the AF area displayed when the camera has achieved focus may change according 
to the subject.
In the following cases, [
] operates as [Ø].
When recording motion pictures
About [
] (23-area-focusing)
About [Ø] (1-area-focusing)
About [
] (Pinpoint)