Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

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∫ Displaying the MF Assist
This is displayed by moving the focus lever, rotating the focus ring, or touching the screen. (In 
the Creative Control Mode [MINIATURE EFFECT], MF Assistance cannot be displayed by 
touching the screen)
It can also be displayed by pressing 
2 to display the setup screen for the enlarged area, 
deciding the area to enlarge using the cursor button, and then pressing [MENU/SET].
It will switch to the setting screen for the enlarged area by pressing the cursor button when the 
[DIRECT FOCUS AREA] in the [CUSTOM] menu is set to [ON].
∫ Changing the display of the MF Assist
You can switch the magnification factor between approx. 4 times, 5 times and 10 times. In 
the case of 4 times magnification, the central region is magnified. In the case of 5 and 10 
times magnification, the whole screen is magnified.
You can change the magnification by touching [
] or rotating the rear dial.
∫ Moving the enlarged area
The enlarged area can be moved by dragging the screen 
or pressing the cursor button.
The following will return the MF assistance to the original position.
When the [FOCUS MODE] is set to other than [MF]
Turning the camera off
When [RESET] is touched in the setup screen for the enlarged area
∫ Closing the MF Assist
It will close when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
It will also close by touching the [EXIT] on the screen or pressing [MENU/SET].
When displayed by moving the focus lever or rotating the focus ring, it is closed approximately 
10 seconds after operations are stopped.
The MF Assist is disabled when using the Digital Zoom or recording motion pictures.
MF Assist or MF guide may not display depending on the lens used, but you can display MF 
Assist by direct operation of the camera, using the touch screen or a button.