Panasonic DMCGX1XS User Manual (en)

- 99 -
1 Focus by moving the focus lever or 
rotating the focus ring.
2 Move the lever or rotate the ring a little 
further in the same direction.
3 Fine tune the focus by moving the focus 
lever slightly in the opposite direction or 
rotating the focus ring slightly in the 
opposite direction.
If you use the zoom function after focusing on the subject, focus on the subject again.
After canceling Sleep Mode, focus on the subject again.
If you are taking close-up pictures
We recommend using a tripod and the self-timer 
The effective focus range (depth of field) is significantly narrowed. Therefore, if the distance 
between the camera and the subject is changed after focusing on the subject, it may become 
difficult to focus on it again.
The resolution of the periphery of the picture may decrease slightly. This is not a malfunction.
Technique for Manual Focus