Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

❚❚Long Time-Exposures (M Mode Only)
Select the following shutter speeds for long time-
exposures of moving lights, the stars, night 
scenery, or fireworks.
• Bulb (
A): The shutter remains open while 
the shutter-release button is held down. To 
prevent blur, use a tripod or an optional 
MC-DC2 remote cord (
• Time (
%): Requires an optional ML-L3 remote 
control (
0 298). Start the exposure by pressing 
the ML-L3 shutter-release button. The shutter 
remains open for thirty minutes or until the 
button is pressed a second time.
Ready the camera.
Mount the camera on a tripod or place it on a stable, level surface. To prevent 
light entering via the viewfinder interfering with exposure, remove the rubber 
eyecup and cover the viewfinder with the supplied DK-5 eyepiece cap (
To prevent loss of power before the exposure is complete, use a fully charged 
EN-EL15 battery or an optional EH-5b AC adapter and EP-5B power connector. 
Note that noise (bright spots, randomly-spaced bright pixels, or fog) may be 
present in long exposures; before shooting, choose On for Long exposure NR  
in the shooting menu (
Rotate the mode dial to M.
Length of exposure: 35 s
Aperture: f/25
Mode dial