Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Frame the photograph.
Take the photograph.
Self-timer mode
: Press the shutter-release 
button halfway to focus, and then press the 
button the rest of the way down to start the 
self-timer (note that the timer will not start if the camera is unable to focus or in 
other situations in which the shutter can not be released). The self-timer lamp 
will start to flash. Two seconds before the photograph is taken, the self-timer 
lamp will stop flashing. The shutter will be released ten seconds after the timer 
Remote control mode
: From a distance of 5 m 
(16 ft) or less, aim the transmitter on the 
ML-L3 at either of the infrared receivers on 
the camera (
0 2, 4) and press the ML-L3 
shutter-release button. In delayed remote 
, the self-timer lamp will light for about 
two seconds before the shutter is released. In quick-response remote mode, the 
self-timer lamp will flash after the shutter has been released. In remote mirror-
up mode
, pressing the ML-L3 shutter-release button once raises the mirror; the 
shutter will be released and the self-timer lamp will flash after 30 s or when the 
button is pressed a second time. Note that the remote control can not be used 
to record movies; even if Record movies is selected for Custom Setting g4 
(Assign shutter button
0 248), pressing the shutter-release button on the 
remote control will release the shutter and record a photograph.
To cancel shooting, select another release mode.
Cover the Viewfinder
When taking photos without your eye to 
the viewfinder, remove the DK-21 rubber 
eyecup (q) and insert the supplied DK-5 
eyepiece cap as shown (w). This 
prevents light entering via the 
viewfinder interfering with exposure. 
Hold the camera firmly when removing 
the rubber eyecup.
DK-21 rubber eyecup
DK-5 eyepiece cap