Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Frame a photograph, focus, and shoot.
Each shot will be processed to create the number of 
copies specified in the bracketing program, and 
each copy will have a different white balance. 
Modifications to white balance are added to the 
white balance adjustment made with white 
balance fine-tuning.
If the number of shots in the bracketing program is 
greater than the number of exposures remaining, 
n and the icon for the affected card will flash in 
the control panel, a flashing 
j icon will appear in 
the viewfinder as shown at right, and the shutter 
release will be disabled. Shooting can begin when 
a new memory card is inserted.
To cancel bracketing, press the 
D button and rotate the main command dial until 
the bracketing progress indicator and 
W icon are no longer displayed.
White Balance Bracketing
White balance bracketing is not available at an image quality of NEF (RAW). Selecting NEF 
NEF (RAW)+JPEG fineNEF (RAW)+JPEG normal, or NEF (RAW)+JPEG basic 
cancels white balance bracketing.
White balance bracketing affects only color temperature (the amber-blue axis in the white 
balance fine-tuning display, 
0 117). No adjustments are made on the green-magenta axis.
In self-timer mode (
0 85), the number of copies specified in the white-balance program will 
be created each time the shutter is released, regardless of the option selected for Custom 
Setting c3 (Self-timer) > Number of shots (
If the camera is turned off while the memory card access lamp is lit, the camera will power off 
only after all photographs in the sequence have been recorded.