Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

❚❚Interrupting Multiple Exposures
To interrupt a multiple exposure before the specified number of 
exposures have been taken, select Off for multiple exposure 
mode. If shooting ends before the specified number of 
exposures have been taken, a multiple exposure will be created 
from the exposures that have been recorded to that point. If 
Auto gain is on, gain will be adjusted to reflect the number of 
exposures actually recorded. Note that shooting will end automatically if:
• A two-button reset is performed (
• The camera is turned off
• The battery is exhausted
• Pictures are deleted
Multiple Exposures
Do not remove or replace the memory card while recording a multiple exposure.
Multiple exposures can not be recorded in live view. Taking photographs in live view resets 
Multiple exposure mode to Off.
Noise (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) may appear in photographs taken with 
Off selected for auto gain (
The information listed in the playback photo information display (including metering, 
exposure, shooting mode, focal length, date of recording and camera orientation) is for the 
first shot in the multiple exposure.
Interval Timer Photography
If interval timer photography is activated before the first exposure is taken, the camera will 
record exposures at the selected interval until the number of exposures specified in the 
multiple exposure menu have been taken (the number of shots listed in the interval timer 
shooting menu is ignored). These exposures will then be recorded as a single photograph 
and interval timer shooting will end (if On (single photo) is selected for multiple exposure 
mode, multiple exposure shooting will also end automatically).
Other Settings
While a multiple exposure is being shot, memory cards can not be formatted and some 
menu items are grayed out and can not be changed.