Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

❚❚Interrupting Time-Lapse Photography
Time-lapse photography will end automatically if the battery is exhausted. The 
following will also end time-lapse photography:
• Selecting Start Off in the Time-lapse photography menu
• Pressing the 
J button between frames or immediately after a frame is recorded
• Turning the camera off
• Removing the lens
• Connecting a USB or HDMI cable
• Inserting a memory card into an empty slot
• Pressing the shutter-release button all the way down to take a photograph
• Selecting remote (
4) release mode
• Selecting mode U1 or U2, or selecting another mode after starting time-lapse 
photography in mode U1 or U2
A movie will be created from the frames shot to the point where time-lapse 
photography ended. Note that time-lapse photography will end and no movie will 
be recorded if the power source is removed or disconnected or the destination 
memory card is ejected.
❚❚No Photograph
The camera will skip the current frame if it is unable to focus using single-servo 
autofocus (AF-S or single-servo autofocus selected for AF-A; note that the camera 
focuses again before each shot). Shooting will resume with the next frame.
Image Review
K button can not be used to view pictures while time-lapse photography is in progress, 
but the current frame will be displayed for a few seconds after each shot if On is selected for 
Image review in the playback menu (
0 212). Other playback operations can not be 
performed while the frame is displayed.
See Also
For information on setting a beep to sound when time-lapse photography is complete, see 
Custom Setting d1 (Beep