Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

❚❚HDMI Options
The HDMI option in the setup menu (
0 249) controls output resolution and can be 
used to enable the camera for remote control from devices that support HDMI-CEC 
(High-Definition Multimedia Interface–Consumer Electronics Control, a standard 
that allows HDMI devices to be used to control peripherals to which they are 
Output Resolution
Choose the format for images output to the HDMI device. 
If Auto is selected, the camera will automatically select 
the appropriate format. Regardless of the option 
selected, Auto will be used for movie live view, movie 
recording, and playback.
Device Control
If On is selected for HDMI >Device control in the setup 
menu when the camera is connected to a television that 
supports HDMI-CEC and both the camera and television 
are on, the display shown at right will appear on the 
television and the television remote can be used in place 
of the camera multi selector and 
J button during full-
frame playback and slide shows. If Off is selected, the television remote can not be 
used to control the camera.
HDMI and Live View
HDMI displays connected via an HDMI cable can be used for live view photography and 
movie live view (
0 49, 57). During movie live view and movie recording HDMI output is 
adjusted according to the option selected for Movie settings > Frame size/frame rate in 
the shooting menu (
0 65). Note that some HDMI devices may not support the selected 
setting; in this case, select 1080i (interlaced) for HDMI > Output resolution. Movies may 
be output at a frame size smaller than that selected for Frame size/frame rate (
HDMI-CEC Devices
When the camera is connected to an HDMI-CEC device, 
) will appear in the control panel 
in place of the number of exposures remaining.
Device Control
See the television manual for details.