Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Select On to reduce barrel distortion when shooting with wide-
angle lenses and to reduce pin-cushion distortion when 
shooting with long lenses (note that the edges of the area 
visible in the viewfinder may be cropped out of the final 
photograph, and that the time needed to process photographs 
before recording begins may increase). This option does not 
apply to movies and is available only with type G and D lenses (PC, fisheye, and 
certain other lenses excluded); results are not guaranteed with other lenses. Before 
using auto distortion control with DX lenses, select On for Auto DX crop or choose an 
image area of DX (24×16) 1.5× (
0 90); selecting other options may result in heavily 
cropped photographs or in photographs with severe peripheral distortion.
The color space determines the gamut of colors available for color reproduction. 
Choose sRGB for photographs that will be printed or used “as is,” with no further 
modification. Adobe RGB has a wider color gamut and is recommended for images 
that will be extensively processed or retouched after leaving the camera.
Auto Distortion Control
G button
➜ C shooting menu
Retouch: Distortion Control
For information on creating copies of existing photographs with reduced barrel and pin-
cushion distortion, see page 274.
Color Space
G button
➜ C shooting menu
Color Space
Color spaces define the correspondence between colors and the numeric values that 
represent them in a digital image file. The sRGB color space is widely used, while the Adobe 
RGB color space is typically used in publishing and commercial printing. sRGB is 
recommended when taking photographs that will be printed without modification or 
viewed in applications that do not support color management, or when taking photographs 
that will be printed with ExifPrint, the direct printing option on some household printers, or 
kiosk printing or other commercial print services. Adobe RGB photographs can also be 
printed using these options, but colors will not be as vivid.
JPEG photographs taken in the Adobe RGB color space are DCF compliant; applications and 
printers that support DCF will select the correct color space automatically. If the application 
or device does not support DCF, select the appropriate color space manually. For more 
information, see the documentation provided with the application or device.
Nikon Software
ViewNX 2 (supplied) and Capture NX 2 (available separately) automatically select the correct 
color space when opening photographs created with this camera.