Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

Choose how long the monitor remains on when no operations 
are performed during playback (Playback; defaults to 10 s) and 
image review (Image review; defaults to 4 s), when menus 
(Menus; defaults to 1 minute) or information (Information 
; defaults to 10 s) are displayed, or during live view and 
movie recording (Live view; defaults to 10 minutes). Choose a 
shorter monitor-off delay for longer battery life.
Choose how long the camera will remain on stand-by in remote 
release mode (
0 85). If no operations are performed for the 
selected period, remote shooting will end and the exposure 
meters will turn off. Choose shorter times for longer battery life. 
To reactivate remote control mode after the timer has expired, 
press the camera shutter-release button halfway. 
Choose the pitch and volume of the beep that sounds when the camera focuses 
using single-servo AF (AF-S or when single-servo AF is selected for AF-A
0 97), when 
focus locks during live view photography, while the release timer is counting down in 
self-timer and delayed remote release modes (
0 85), when a photograph is taken in 
quick-response remote or remote mirror-up mode (
0 85), when time-lapse 
photography ends (
0 168), or if you attempt to take a photograph when the 
memory card is locked (
0 32). Note that a beep will not sound in movie live view 
0 57) or quiet-shutter release mode (mode J; 0 83), regardless of the option 
• Volume: Choose 3 (high), 2 (medium), 1 (low) or Off (mute). 
When an option other than Off is selected, 
c appears in the 
information display.
• Pitch: Choose High or Low.
c4: Monitor off Delay
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
c5: Remote on Duration
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
d: Shooting/Display
d1: Beep
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu