Nikon 13187 User Guide (en)

If On is selected when the camera is being used with the built-in 
flash or an optional CLS-compatible flash unit (
modeling flash will be emitted when the camera depth-of-field 
preview button is pressed (
0 77). No modeling flash is emitted 
if Off is selected.
Choose the setting or settings bracketed when auto bracketing (
Choose AE & flash (
j) to perform both exposure and flash-level bracketing, AE only 
k) to bracket only exposure, Flash only (l) to perform only flash-level bracketing, 
WB bracketing (
m) to perform white-balance bracketing (0 156), or ADL 
bracketing (
y) to perform bracketing using Active D-Lighting (0 158). Note that 
white balance bracketing is not available at image quality settings of NEF (RAW) or 
At the default setting of MTR > under > over (
H), exposure, flash, and white balance 
bracketing are performed in the order described on pages 153 and 156. If 
Under > MTR > over (
I) is selected, shooting will proceed in order from the 
lowest to the highest value. This setting has no effect on ADL bracketing.
Choose the role played by the 
J button during shooting: selecting the center focus 
point (
Select center focus point), highlighting the active focus point 
Highlight active focus point), or none (Not used).
e5: Modeling Flash
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
e6: Auto Bracketing Set
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
e7: Bracketing Order
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu
f: Controls
f1: OK Button (Shooting Mode)
G button
➜ A Custom Settings menu